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Planning and Implementation Timelines:

Workplan for 2012/2013 L.I.P. Project (Five Eastern Counties Local Immigration Partnership des cinq comtés de l’Est )

Key Action Area Goal/Strategy Q1 Activity Q2 Activity Q3 Activity Q4 Activity
Employment Better assist immigrants at accessing appropriate employment


Lead Organizations: TR Leger Immigrant Services and EOTB

Key Partners:
Job Zone d’emploi  S.E.A.P.R.
Drake International Ontario Works offices

  • Identify employer champion to assist in development of a community wide campaign highlighting merits of hiring immigrants
  • Promote the development of “plain language” guidelines for self-employment for immigrants
  • Create a network of employers who can work together to champion the cause of hiring immigrants
  • Liaise with RDEE and CESOC to promote hiring of francophone immigrants
  • Enhance employers’ relationships with Employment Ontario delivery sites and Local Settlement Agency
  • Develop diversity training for employers
  • Work closely with new supply chain management employers in targeting immigrant workforce ( time dependant on new employer start-up)
  • Highlight immigrants who have made successful transition to employment or self-employment through media and newsletter
Community Connection, Social Integration

Facilitate successful integration of newcomers for overall social health of community

Lead Organizations: TR Leger Immigrant Services and EOTB

Key Partners: Social Development Council of Cornwall and Area, Cornwall Housing, Local government representatives, Seaway Valley Community Health Centre, Ontario Works offices

  • Develop media strategy-“tip of the month” for multicultural awareness
  • Begin work on LIP Council newsletter for community wide distribution
  • Work closely with Social Development Council, Employability Network Group, Immigrant Services and community partners to develop diverse cultural awareness for frontline workers in community agencies
  • Increase municipal representation on LIP council
  • Identify marginalized newcomer groups i.e. seniors, women, youth
  • Work closely with Social Development Council towards better social equity and inclusion for immigrants
  • Map all connections of community resources “no wrong door policy”-strengthening referral system via hub identification
  • Launch media campaign
  • Distribute newsletter throughout region
  • Promote work with marginalized groups to assist with better integration of immigrant elderly, women, youth
  • Finalize effective referral system in entire region
  • Support continued evolution, strengthening of LIP Council in providing guidance and connections on immigration and newcomer issues in five counties
Racism and Discrimination

Promote community education and dialogue to improve acceptance of immigrants

Lead Organizations: TR Leger Immigrant Services and EOTB

Key Partners:
School Boards, T.R Leger Immigrant Services, Upper Canada Leger Learning Centre

  • Incorporate forum time in LIP Council meetings for brainstorming and sharing of equity/diversity experience
  • Develop “realities of immigration” articles for media and newsletter
  • Assist with promotion of local multicultural/inclusivity events (ie. Parade of Nations)
  • Work with schools to include programs such as “Passages to Canada”
  • Initiate diversity program for workplaces, schools, and local groups/clubs.
  • Work in partnership with existing foreign student agency to better highlight international students’ diversity
  • Include language diversity in all LIP-lead /collaborated documents
  • Encourage local immigrant groups (Chinese Canadian Club, Italian Club, Multi-cultural Soccer team etc.) to expand and better promote their activities.
Newcomer Integration

Newcomers understand Canadian rights/responsibilities & contribute to society

Lead Organizations: TR Leger Immigrant Services and EOTB

Key Partners:
TR Leger Immigrant Services

  • Promote Welcome Wagons in 5 counties to expand immigrant focused “welcome to the community” information
  • Identify newcomer “champions” to be models of Canadian Culture
  • Promote the development of newcomer to Canada 5 county “general guidelines” for wide distribution via LIP Council members and identified hubs
  • Promote mentor systems to facilitate newcomer integration
  • Promote visibility of newcomer to Canada champions via speaking engagements, meeting attendance in identified hub agencies