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The Current Face of Immigrants in S.D.G. & P.R.

Our region is not new to immigration; in fact, the region was settled by immigrants from Britain in the 1700s. Following this initial newcomer demographic, the region saw many other European immigrants, particularly within the farming communities. The Dutch, Swiss and German populations rose as Europeans invested in prime farmland and brought their expertise to Eastern Ontario. Italians and Eastern Europeans arrived in their wake adding to the vibrancy of the region.

Today the face of immigration is somewhat more challenging as the countries of origin are far different from the largely Anglo-Saxon immigrant of European background. This being said, we imagine the challenges faced by established citizens in accepting and welcoming these important new community members is not so far different to challenges our forefathers faced. The council will strive to accelerate the “learning curve” as the community welcomes peoples of vastly different backgrounds.

 Table on Native languages

Table on Country of Origin