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Strategy and Action Plan Development:

The strategy was developed as a result of a variety of different research methodologies as well as input from council members’ organization.

Input from organizations was valuable in that different community organizations brought a wide variety of challenges and success stories to the table. Council members also provided updated information on available community resources throughout the region. This largely anecdotal evidence was confirmed by the more statistical research obtained through the following methods:

The Bisson Report - This report was compiled by Ronald Bisson et associés titled “État des lieux de l’immigration d’expression française dans l’Est de l’Ontario”. Mr. Bisson allowed the council to use the extensive research he had done into francophone immigration in S.D.G., P.R. and Frontenac. Mr. Bisson had used both in-depth Stats Canada reports as well as hands-on research to amass substantial statistical information on immigration. Through the extrapolation of information pertinent to our region and to immigration at large (as opposed to Francophone immigration) the council was able to eliminate the need to purchase costly Stats Canada reports. The council would like to thank Mr. Bisson for making this data available.

Immigrant Forums – 10 focus groups were held throughout the region during the 2011/2012 development phase. Over 42 immigrants participated in these forums. Immigrants participated in moderated discussions regarding their experiences immigrating to this region.

Immigrant Surveys – Anonymous surveys were widely distributed throughout the region by direct delivery, mail and through distribution at community agencies, over 120 were completed. Statistical data on immigrant demographics as well as community readiness were compiled. Immigrants were also encouraged to write comments, this anecdotal information proved valuable in the development of the strategy.

Business Surveys – Online surveys were conducted through the Eastern Ontario Training Board. Businesses reported on a variety of topics including: willingness to hire newcomers, challenges associated with hiring newcomers, human resource planning practices, and knowledge of governmental programs to assist with hiring. The results of these surveys allowed the council insight into the business environment and general attitudes towards immigration.

Through analysis of the large amount of data collected, the council was able to move forward in developing a unique strategy that would address regional concerns and build on the region’s strengths.