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Council Background

The Five Eastern Counties L.I.P. des cinq comptés de l’est was initiated through a joint partnership between the Eastern Ontario Training Board and T.R. Leger, who applied for funding under the Local Immigration Partnership program through Citizenship and Immigration Canada, with the official launch of the project taking place in February 2011.

The Five Eastern Counties L.I.P. des cinq comptés de l’est is guided by a council composed of 10-20 representatives from a broad range of community based agencies and government. Major objectives of the five county partnership are:

  1. To improve access to and coordination of immigrant integration services
  2. To improve labour market outcomes for immigrants
  3. To strengthen local awareness and capacity to successfully integrate immigrants

The objectives will be achieved by the Council with total commitment to:

  • A strategic approach to the integration of new immigrants leading to a local settlement strategy and implementation work plan.
  • Collaborate on the expansion of the Council to include agencies which can facilitate services to immigrants.
  • Sourcing innovative and cost effective strategies to provide comprehensive services across a wide geographical region.
  • Participate actively in council and commit to the common goal

The guiding values and ethics of the council are:

  • Inclusivity - be inclusive of all immigrants in the Prescott Russell, S.D.& G. Region and encourage their contributions
  • Advocacy - for integration of all immigrants into the community
  • Collaboration - between agencies and immigrants in our community
  • Diversity - respect the unique worth, dignity and assets of each member of the community
  • Social Justice - adopting an anti-racism, anti-oppression, gender equal and culturally diverse principles
  • Client Centered - to create accessible and relevant project outcomes for newcomers
  • Empowerment - enhance the capacity for immigrants to live a full, meaningful life in our community