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The following is a combination of statistical analyses from a combination of sources. The 2006 census was used where indicated, this data was augmented by data obtained though a series of surveys ( of immigrants and community agencies) througout the region.  Additional to this data is a summary of issues/successes derived from a series of focus groups.

The statistics derived from surveys cannot be considered to be one hundred percent accurate given a number of factors, including ; language and literacy barriers, reluctance of people to divulge data, etc. The information does however give an honest overview of the current immigration climate in the region.

The quotes from Immigrants are verbatim and sometimes contain gramatical errors. Gramatical errors were not corrected in order to completely and accurately reflect the words of those who provided the information.

The summary provides as accurate an overview of the current climate of immigration in the region as possible. This in no way includes any pre-conceived thoughts of the council or of the Project Manager who compiled the information.

Note : Certain portions of this document are in both English and French. Census related iunformation was obtained through collaboration with a Francophone immigration program (French only) and translation to english was done by this LIP. It was decided to leave the French in the document as it would facilitate future translation if necessary. The English only portion of the document was compiled solely by this LIP Project and the unilingual nature is in compliance with the contract.


Database Tables

Comments from Surveys

Summary of Focus Group Responses

Synopsis of Statistics